My Video is not working / Page is not loading

This issue may be happening for a number of reasons. Please follow the suggestions below to see if it helps with the video / page issue:

1. Check your internet connection. If the site is taking a while to load or there is a "Connection Timed-Out" error, you can log out, reboot your system, and go back at a later time. Refreshing the page most of the time does the trick as well!

2. If you are on your mobile device, you might want to switch to working on a laptop/PC. While the website is optimized for most mobile devices, some mobile device software may be unable to support the functions of the page you are currently on.

3. You can opt to switch browsers. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari work best with our website.

4. If all of the solutions mentioned above did not work, you might want to consult your school administrator to see if the website needs to be whitelisted due to firewall restrictions. This only applies if you are using the school's internet connection/device when accessing the course.


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