How do I prevent email going to my spam folder?

There might be an instance where you are expecting an email from us and your firewall blocks our email domains and marks us as spam. For example, whenever you register an account, you will be sent an email from our site that will allow you to complete your registration by creating a password. You may also receive emails when you contact the support team.


In order to prevent our emails going to your spam inbox, please whitelist the following email domains: - This is where most of our emails come from by staff in the Support and Launch department. - This is where "password reset" and "account confirmation" emails come from - This is where all of our important updates usually come from (these are only sent to course facilitators and is sent by the Launch department)


If you haven't received our "account confirmation" email or "password reset" email after 24 hours and it's not in your spam/junk folder, your internet network may have a firewall set up which is preventing our emails to get to you.

If you are experiencing this issue, please help us inform your Liaison or IT Department: Click Here to Submit a Ticket for IT Issues

If you'd like to submit a general ticket to support, Click Here to Submit a General Ticket