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I can't find my school when I try to register

Here is what to do if you can't find your school when attempting to register for your training.

If you are attempting to register and are unable to find your county/district/school, we can help!

There are a few reasons this can happen:

1. Your school is new and needs to be added to our system (Liaisons or Course Facilitators must contact us to add an option to the system) If you are facilitating the course for your school/district, and you've already had a launch meeting, Click Here to Submit a Ticket to the Launch Department

2. Your district is under a different county or your school is under a different district. If you aren't sure where you need to register, the best person to contact would be your Liaison or Course Facilitator.

3. Your county/district/school has not yet launched the training yet. If this is the case, please contact your liaison or course facilitator to know when your training will be ready.

4. If you are a Liaison or Administrator looking to purchase our training for your organization, you can Click Here to Learn More