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My email address is not accepted during registration

When creating an account on our site, you may receive an error that says "Email is Invalid"

This will occur if you either are using an email address that is not a school email (like gmail, yahoo, etc) OR because we just don't have your school/district email domain in our system.

This is an easy fix! If you don't have a school/district email address yet, or if we just don't have your email domain in our system, we can create an account for you manually.


In order to create your account, please fill in the following form.

Once this form is submitted, our Support team will receive this information and we'll start the process of creating your account. As soon as we've created your account, you will receive an email at your provided email address with your login credentials. Please allow 4 hours for the email arrival and be sure to check your spam/junk folders for this email if it seems you have not received it.